2728 operates with strong environmental ethics.

We are aware of the current reality that today's fashion industry still lacks practical alternatives to sustainability, in contrast to various fields that are actively taking action with fundamental solutions such as green architecture and electric vehicles.

Alternatives such as recycled fabric exist, but the percentage of recycled yarn is extremely low, and carbon generation and water pollution in the recycling process also cause secondary damage to the environment that cannot be ignored. In addition, since there are no laws and regulations that set clear standards for recycled fabrics, it is difficult to see them as an effective means of environmental protection.

Sustainability is a key word for environmental protection in the 21st century fashion industry, but we still don't know how to get there. Although challenging, we continue to improve our practices with integrity and transparency.


2728's atelier is actively researching and developing high-quality yarns that can last for a long time, strong and structural clothing design and finishing. And we will provide a detailed clothing care guide according to the characteristics of the product, and we will do our best for sustainable products that can remember your beautiful time.

We would like to inform you that we are shaping our label's environmental and animal care vision by focusing on:

  • Prohibit the use of animal skins in the product
  • Improving sustainable design and innovation in product development, sales, etc.
  • Strict use of raw materials to reduce resource consumption and waste
  • Strict use of recycled or/and recyclable materials for all related to shipping


You can browse the new products of 2728 by selecting the SHOP menu in the official online store. After adding the selected product to the cart, you can proceed with payment. If a pre-order product is included, it may be shipped from the product that is ready to ship.


If you wish to purchase overseas, please use it after changing the language tab at the top to english.(This automatically follows your device language)

The 2728 official website offers a variety of new products and is updated regularly.


For your convenience, each product page has a size guide along with a description of the color, fabric (material) and design of the product.


If you need additional information, please use the <Customer Service Team and E-mail Consultation> below or send an inquiry to store@2--7--2--8.com and we will respond as quickly as possible.

2728's atelier is actively researching and developing high-quality yarns that can last for a long time, and designing and finishing sturdy and structural clothing. When washing clothes, please refer to the <Clothing Care Guide> provided at the time of purchase and the washing instructions on the care label attached to the inside of the product.

All products available for pre-order are identified as pre-order products on the website.

If a pre-ordered product and a product currently on sale are ordered together, partial delivery may be made starting with products that can be shipped.

If you purchase a pre-ordered product and a current product together, the full amount will be charged at the time of payment for your order.

Payment can be made with credit cards via PayPals.


The payment amount is charged when the order is received after confirming the customer's credit card information and whether or not the ordered product is in stock. If your order is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, the customer service team will notify you via email immediately and proceed with the refund process.


When purchasing products on 2728's official online website, the credit card information used for your payment information is transmitted through a secure server and is not stored separately on our website.


At checkout, you will be charged in the same currency as the price of the selected order, including tax in the total order amount. When placing an order, you will receive an invoice via email.

An invoice will be sent by email at the same time as your order, and a shipping confirmation email with an invoice number will be sent immediately after delivery.

According to the Terms and Conditions, once an order has been placed, it cannot be changed or canceled. If you need to cancel your order, please inform us of the details as soon as possible by <Contact Customer Service Team> below or store@2--7--2--8.com. Once your order is ready to ship, you cannot cancel your order, and you can request a refund according to the return procedure.

Order shipping and billing addresses cannot be changed for security reasons. If there are any mistakes or corrections to your order, please contact our customer service team.


All online orders include delivery service.


Please allow 1-3 business days to process your order, and will usually be delivered within 3-5 business days after you receive an order confirmation email from 2728.


In the case of pre-order products, delivery is made according to the period indicated at the time of purchase, which may be delayed. However, if the preparation of the product is delayed due to unexpected problems, we will inform you.


All orders can only be delivered to addresses that actually exist in Korea, and cannot be delivered to P.O. boxes or post office addresses. Products will be shipped to the address specified by the customer in the order.


You can inquire through the shipping inquiry number in the product shipment information email. For orders that include pre-order products, we will notify you of the respective tracking number as soon as the products are ready.

Delivery is usually available Monday-Friday.


If you need assistance or if you cannot reach the shipping carrier, please contact our customer service team.


If a product is found to be defective, it can be exchanged for the same product. If you need to exchange a size, you must proceed with the purchase again after returning it.


Request for exchange must be made within 3 days from the date of arrival of the product, and the product must be returned in the same condition as it was delivered and in the original packaging.

Customer should return the product undamaged, complete, undepreciated by use or consumption, and in original packaging, including all labels and tags in undamaged condition, in the same condition as it was delivered.

If you wish to return a product purchased on the official online website, you can return it free of charge within 14 days from the date the product was delivered, and the returned product complies with the terms and conditions of purchase. Request for return can be made within 7 days from the date the product was delivered, and the product must be returned within 7 days along with the return number after requesting return.


Before requesting a return, please check the return conditions below according to the purchase agreement.


  • Products must be returned in the condition in which they were delivered and in their original packaging. Customer should return the product undamaged, complete, undepreciated by use or consumption, and in original packaging, including all labels and tags in undamaged condition, in the same condition as it was delivered.
  • Products must be returned as instructed by our customer service team.
  • Products can only be returned to the same address as the shipping address from which the item was delivered.
  • If you purchase two or more products at once, partial cancellation for some quantities is not possible.
  • Our products must be inspected to confirm the complete condition upon shipment, and data(photos and videos) to prove this are kept for 30 days. Therefore, when requesting a return due to a defective product, we compare it with the data we have.
  • If the product is defective, exchange it with the same product.


Pre-order products cannot be returned.

If you request a return with a specific reason for return (e.g., product misdelivery, defective product, etc.) through <E-mail with customer service team> at the bottom of the homepage or store@2--7--2--8.com, the person in charge will contact you regarding the return procedure within 1-3 business days.

We will issue a refund for the product within 1-3 business days of receiving the returned product and confirming that it meets the conditions required for the return.


Refunds will be processed to the payment method used by the customer when ordering, and the same amount as the payment amount will be refunded.


Refunds are processed according to the policy of your credit card company.


The 2728 is not currently offline, but samples of all products sold in the official online store are available in the showroom. However, there may be items missing on the date of visit due to external sponsorship, shooting, etc., so if you have a product you want to try, please let the customer service team know in advance.


An appointment is required to visit the showroom, and if you book an appointment through <Reservation> below, our customer service team will contact you.


<Operating hours>

  • Wednesday – Friday
  • 10h – 19h
  • excluding holidays
  • Changseong Building, Eonju-ro 147-gil 44, Gangnam-gu, Seoul



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