Helical Denim Bag

This bag captures the essence of a planet's dynamic helical motion in space, inspiring its design. The plasticity of this item is accentuated by its three-dimensional monoface design, creating a distinct and unique quality. The pleated denim fabric metaphorically echoes the elegance of an iconic tuxedo, enhancing the curved silhouette. Additionally, metal studs adorned along the 2728 logo offer both a decorative touch and practical functionality, enabling strap attachment and length adjustment. Transforming into a versatile belt, the detachable straps make this bag a striking hybrid accessory.

― Product Code: PE24A022ID

― helical shape

― monoface pattern

― detachable customizable strap

― pleated denim

― contrasting stitch embellishment

― metal button studs

― EXCELLA® zipper

― 100% cotton

― dimension: 28x10x13cm

*This is a pre-order product, giving you the exclusive opportunity to be among the first to experience our 2024 Spring-Summer collection. Products pre-ordered between November 3rd and November 17th will be shipped with top priority, starting from January 15, 2024. Subsequent orders will be shipped in chronological order, and you will receive shipping information from our customer team via email.



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